Custom Dyeing, Printing and Other Processing Options

      Arthur R. Johnson Co. is a major supplier of Greige and Finished
     fabric to theHome Furnishing, Apparel and Industrial markets. In our
     70 year history we havedeveloped a reputation for quality with reliable
     service. We offer fabrics in 100%Cotton or Poly-Cotton, meeting your
     sampling, duplicating and production needs.

     We currently offer a variety of fabrications ranging from 100% Cotton
     broadcloth, poplin, sheeting, duck, twill, batiste and voile. We offer the
     same items inPoly-Cotton as well.

     We produce all fabrications in piece dye solids and custom prints and
     will meet your specifications as well as all industry quality requirements.

     For more information please contact Ron at: 718-832-2000.

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